Bobbin House Studio

My shop in Bobbin House Studio is open by appointment only.

Contact me if you're interested in shopping for a vintage sewing machine. I have hundreds of them!

The Bobbin Doctor is In

However, I'm spending more and more of my time on my own creative projects. So- I'm cutting back on the number of repair jobs I take on. If you're not in a desperate hurry, I can put you on my waiting list for machine service or repair. Contact me with a description of your problem and I'll see how it might fit into my schedule. If you're having a sewing machine emergency, you may want to check with other repair shops first.


I still have vintage machines for sale! I need to reduce the number of used mechanical machines in my current inventory. In other words, I have a lot of them which need to find a home other than mine! You may e-mail me to inquire about what you hope to find and what I have for sale.


E-mailing seems to be the most reliable way to contact me. Telephone messages often come in garbled and unclear and they sometimes get inadvertently deleted.



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