Bobbin House Studio

My shop in Bobbin House Studio is open by appointment only.

Once again, I'll be weaving at the MN State Fair. Be sure to visit the Weavers Guild of MN booth in the Creative Activities Building!

Guess what.

Starting June 1st, The Bobbin Doctor is taking the summer off!

I'm taking a complete break from machine service and repair for the next few months while I turn my attention to other activities. I've never taken an entire summer to myself for my own enjoyment and I figure it's about time I did!

However, I may be available for mentoring sessions, classes and lectures. You may e-mail me to inquire about my schedule.

I still have vintage machines for sale! So I will be available to sell used mechanical machines from my large, current inventory. I have a lot of them which need to find a home other than mine! You my e-mail me to inquire about what you hope to find and what I have for sale.

E-mailing will be the best way to contact me. During this period I hope you will understand that I may be slow in responding to messages. Emails are preferred. It may take me longer to respond to telephone calls, simply because of the time it takes to manage them.

Check back in September when I'll provide an update on when I might be ready to go back to work.

a.k.a. The Bobbin Doctor

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