“How much will it cost?”

That's the first question everyone asks and the answer is, "Well, that depends."

A simple straight-stitch mechanical machine is much less complicated than a zig-zag machine or one that does button holes and stretch stitches. Some machines require specialty and/or proprietary tools, information, expertise, and technical skills. Generally, the more complex the machine, the higher the maintenance service and repair costs.

Based on typical machine features and complexity, the following information is my guideline for pricing:

The Bench Fee and Deposit

Basic inspection/trouble-shooting/estimate: $50

Standard Maintenance Service

Standard maintenance service includes these steps:

  1. Visual inspection of all mechanical and electrical components
  2. Cleaning/removal of lint and threads
  3. Application of appropriate lubricants (some machines require 5 distinctly different special lubricants)
  4. Upper and lower tension adjustment
  5. Drive belt tension adjustment where applicable
  6. Removal and cleaning of hook where applicable
  7. Verification of all timing sequences and settings
  8. Sample test sewing
  9. Written notation of findings and recommendations

Repairs And Major Adjustments

Repairs and adjustments differ greatly from the work covered by standard maintenance and therefore are billed in addition to the service fee.

Dirty Machines, A Friendly Reminder:

MILDEW: I may reject a machine if it smells strongly of mildew. Please do your own abatement of mildew odor on machines and cases before bringing them for service.

Don’t expect a free deep-cleaning if you bring in a yard sale machine or family "heirloom" that is rusty or encrusted with years of neglected dirt and grime, and/or covered in pigeon droppings. I'll ask if you want to pay for cleaning!

Customers who take good care of their machines will reap the benefit of lower maintenance and repair costs – I often discount my fees or include additional work free of charge on machines that are in good condition and don’t require a lot of cleaning.

Cash payment required for Deposit. Major credit cards and money transfer services are accepted with an additional 3.5% processing fee.

(Discover, Visa and MasterCard)

(CA$H, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle)

No checks accepted.

Please contact me if you have any questions or special considerations regarding any services and subsequent charges.