The repair shop.

Plastic gears eventually break and metal does too!


The Bobbin Doctor always has a waiting list for machine service!

I'm easing into my full retirement. I'm very busy with many things and machine work is only a part-time job. So as a result I have a waiting list for machine repairs and service. If you're interested, please contact me to enquire about getting in line. (It may be a long wait.)

I work on all brands of mechanical sewing machines. (Note that I no longer work on sergers and computerized machines.)

From old antiques to contemporary machines, I haven't been stumped by a mechanical yet. Most still have replacement parts available. With specialty tools, I can perform maintenance service and most repairs on your older, all-mechanical machines. Note that if your machine has an electronic display panel or menu board, it is a computerized machine and should only be serviced by a qualified technician who is certified by the machine's manufacturer.

My specialty is vintage machines.

The years from the early 1900's to the 1980's were the Golden Age of sewing when machine design, engineering and quality construction was at its peak. Familiar names include Singer (pre-1965), Adler, Bernina, Elna, Husquavarna/Viking, Pfaff, White and others.

This was before electronics, when machines were made of metal and the many different utility and decorative stitches were created using cams and mechanical linkages. These machines were robust in design and construction, intended to be passed on to future generations. Their superb design and top quality machining made them quiet, smooth, strong and dependable.

Some of these are complex machines that few technicians today know how to properly adjust and service.

I have many years of experience working on these beauties and find great satisfaction and enjoyment in adjusting them to top peak performance. Be sure to check out the Machine page where you'll find some of them for sale.

I'm not a "dealer" of new machines.

I'm not a retailer of any particular brand of new sewing machines. I won't attempt to convince you to trade in your machine on a fancy new one or admonish you for not having a particular brand; I'm happy to work on all of the mechanical, non-computerized machines.

My small, independent shop exists to provide maintenance service or repair your machine, offer advice, or mentor you on the purchase of a sewing machine or serger. I provide lessons on getting the maximum performance out of your machine, including how to use all those funny looking attachments. I also offer sewing lessons from beginning to advanced skill levels, for simple household projects to complex garment construction.

I no longer service sergers and computerized machines.

Note that if your machine has an electronic display panel or menu board, it is a computerized machine.

I'm no longer servicing sergers and computerized machines so that I have more time for my personal creative activities.

It seems as more people re-discover the merits of the great vintage machines, I have lots of customers to keep me busy servicing, repairing and refurbishing these high-quality older machines.

You will be best served by taking your serger or computerized machine to an authorized dealer who has a capable in-house, certified technician. Be aware that many dealers only sell machines while repairs are shipped to a regional service center.

Yes, I do house calls when necessary.

Within a reasonable distance of my shop, I can come to you. An additional round-trip travel fee is charged in addition to the service work. Contact me for specifics.

Regarding sewing cabinets:

My storage space is limited and my shop gets very crowded. It is necessary that machines brought in for repairs be removed from any sort of cabinet. If you have questions or "how-to" concerns about this issue, please contact me and we'll figure out a solution that works best for both of us.