I continue to teach at Sewing Lounge and Textile Center MN.

To see if I have a class scheduled, please visit the website of Sewing Lounge and Textile Center MN, where you will find specific information and class registration.

I also teach private classes and mentoring sessions in my studio, "Bobbin House." Contact me for more information.

Tell me what (and where) you want to learn!

Sponsoring your own private workshops for small groups (as few as 4 people ) can be very economical, especially if you have a no/low cost space in which to hold the event - someone's home, community room, conference room, church basement, office, ec. Private classes can be tailored to your group's special needs and requests - and they can be more informal, as in a mentoring session. 

Small groups of sewers who would otherwise need to travel to the Twin Cities and pay for transportation, lodging and meals to attend one of my workshops may find it is more economical to bring me to your location. Often it only takes 4-6 people to cover my travel expenses to make it economical. Check with your friends, quilting group, local sewing guild, sewing machine dealer, quilt and sewing shops, and others to garner support for bringing my workshop to you!

Mentoring sessions in my studio can be shared with up to three additional people (maximum of 4 people) for a nominal extra cost per person. 

Please contact me with your ideas, questions and to check my availability.

I'll be happy to hear from you and create a plan especially for you!